Going to Court 

In every case, there are two sides and those two sides often have very different views on important issues. Whether it be the amount of time one party spends with a child or children, the amount of support to be paid, or who gets to stay in the home.  Court is, for lack of a better expression, the place where the answers are obtained.  Where the parties can get rules for how they are going to act, or enforcement of the existing rules if needed…or modification of the rules if they have to be changed.  Sometimes going to court is essential to make sure one parent can see their children or that support is paid at the start of a case, or it make sure that bills are being paid in a timely fashion.  Every family law case ends up in Court for its final resolution where a judge can approve whatever solution we come up with: this serves as a safeguard to make sure everyone is being treated fairly and also to make sure everyone understands what their rights and obligations are at the end of the day.  

Don has written a series of articles about how we proceed in the Essex Probate & Familiy Court in order to  give our clients some practical insight into what happens at court, the preparation needed, where to go, and what you can expect.