Unraveling the Court Process

For many parents or spouses who are facing the demise of their family, the phrase "we're going to court" can be terrifying and certainly raises many questions.  Every case is different and we work hard to protect your interests first by negotiation and working with the other party or their attorney to bring a matter to resolution as smoothly as possible.  However, sometimes is not the case as we need to have a judge make the decision for you. 

Over the last 20 years, Attorney Pitman has answered a variety of questions for hundreds of clients in all situations regarding what is involved in going to court and the process.  We have prepared a series of articles for your review that provides a summary of some of the misconceptions regarding divorce in Massachusetts.   In addition, other articles regarding changes in family law can be found here.  

Your case is different and unique.   Our business is to take the facts of your relationship, marriage and situation and find a way to the result you are looking for.  After over 20 years of representing families in the Probate & Family Court, we have the experience to protect your interests, children, and assets.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation and set up a meeting with Don to review where we can assist you.