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Divorce and Separation

The words "I want a divorce" can cause a tremendous amount of fear in anyone who hears them.  Attorney Pitman has worked with numerous families in Essex County to guide them through this challenging time and obtain the outcome they deserve.  

Same Sex Relationships

Since the landmark decision of Goodrich in 2004, Attorney Pitman has assissted numerous same sex couples with their familiy and arranging their marital assets and situation.  Whether working toward the adoption of a child or the end of a marriage, Attorney Pitman has helped many families in the North Shore and Greater Boston area. 

Enforcement of Court Orders

Circumstances change, and sometimes orders that made sense require modification. We routinely review prior agreements not only to see if something should be changed, but if court enforcement is needed.  


Second Circuit Court

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Supreme Court Weighs In

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Asked & Answered

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I have just finished a crazy divorce/custody case with Don by my side. I can't express enough how much i appreciate Don's candor and actual empathy from a lawyer...We gained custody of my two daughters and avoided huge fees by way of reasonable settlement.

John J., October, 2015


There is no question that knowledge of the law is important. However, knowing how to apply the law before your specific judge and in your specific court is perhaps even more important. Attorney Pitman’s 20 years of experience in the Probate & Family Court and trial courts throughout Massachusetts has given him an extensive body of knowledge of the local judiciary and the tendencies of the judge assigned to your case. This familiarity with the operations of each court and how that applies to the facts of your case helps to set the representation you will receive from Attorney Pitman apart. Click here to set up a free consultation regarding your specific family and how he can help.