Child Custody and Support

It is no secret that what will happen to the children is the most important issue to be decided in a divorce. The decisions a separating parent will make regarding their children will have long-term effects not only on the nature and quality of the relationship they will have with their children, but where they will live and the amount of support to be paid to which parent. Having an attorney who will listen to your concerns and provide you with dispassionate and accurate advise is essential to making the choices that are right for you.

There are two basic forms of custody: legal and physical custody. Legal custody pertains to the decision making process for the major items for your children: issues pertaining to their health, education, safety and welfare. Physical custody is used to describe where the children generally reside and the location of their "home base".  

The question Attorney Pitman can assist you in answering is what arrangement is best not only for you, but for your children. His 20 years experience in the Probate & Family Court has given him a substantial breadth of experience that can be used to help you in making a plan for your children that is best for you...and for them.  

In Massachusetts, child support is based upon six basic elements: the gross income of the parties, the costs for medical and dental insurance, the costs for day care, the amount a party pays for any prior support orders, and the number of children. However, the presentation of this information is critical when based on the child support guidelines (the form is here) since there are a number of extremely important factors to consider. Don has worked with numerous families to help figure out the most equitable child support order for his clients' situation and specific facts. To obtain a free consultation, click here to start the process.  

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